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Treating A Swimmer Puppy

“Always tuck the legs under the pup in a natural position. When pup is awake, massage circulation into the legs with your fingers. For exercise (every time the pup is awake) “bounce” pup up and down on your lap. Hold him by the rib cage with hind legs dangling and bring him gently down to your lap and let legs push off. At first they won’t push but that will pick up as strength comes. Never leave them in the “swimmer” position. Gently play with them and be adamant about the legs being in natural positions. If they are on their sides, legs can be rubbed and played with. Muscle tone will come fast. 
The other reason you want them “up” with legs under them, is to complete the rib cage natural round growth. A swimmer pup can have a flattened rib cage which can hinder their natural growth” Swimmer Puppy Video


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