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Types Of Socialization

I mention the two types of socialization in my puppy packet, but here is a whole article on it in more depth. With my first Lacy I socialized her too much and as a result it was a challenge competing in anything with l17her as she was always more interested in running over to meet everyone. With my Lacys, after that, I took them places so they experienced being around people, strange environments and seeing different things, but I didn’t ask people to pet them or give strangers treats to give to my dog. As a result when I go to events to compete, my dogs are focused on me and couldn’t care less that there are all kinds of people around with possible treats. So if you want a working dog or a dog to compete with, take them lots of places for experience, but if someone goes to pet them, ask them not to. This article even suggest that if they ask why, just say your dog is going to be a service dog. This is NOT the same as buying a service dog vest and pretending your dog IS a certified service dog. This is also why I say NEVER allow another person such as a dog trainer to touch or train your dog. And I highly doubt there are any dog trainers familiar with the Lacy breed and how to train them. Most trainers are heavy handed where Lacys need a bait and treat, happy training. All dogs should be trained this way, but with a soft breed like the Lacy, even more so or you’ll end up with all kinds of problems.

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