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UC Opts for Humane Ed

The report discusses the sources of animals who are used in education, especially in medical and veterinary training, and revealed that UC has purchased animals from Marshall Farms and Covance. Both are Class A animal dealers who sell animals they breed. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports referenced in “Dying to Learn,” both Marshall Farms and Covance have been cited several times for violating the Animal Welfare Act, which regulates the care and use of animals supplied and used in laboratories and other industries. In response to this information, UC representative Rob Anderson said, “We rely a lot on what the USDA says,” and added that the University “trusts them.”

Jennifer Wells, Director of Veterinary Technology, stated that 2009 would be the last year that UC purchases animals from Covance, adding, “We will no longer use purpose-bred dealers.” Instead, a shelter medicine type of program will be established in which vet tech students will work with animals at a local shelter, providing medical care for animals in need while obtaining important real-life experience. Such programs allow students to foster their veterinary skills without harming animals and, instead, play a proactive role in helping make a better life for the dogs and cats in their care who hope to find a forever home.

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