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Vet Pleads For Condemned Blue Lacy~

Dr. Arlene H. Brooks, who operates Last Chance Club Rescue in Turner, said she will attend a council work session that starts at 4 p.m. Monday, Jan. 31, at City Hall to plead for  Blue, a blue lacy, a breed of working dog that originated in Texas.

Brooks said the dog’s owners are willing to surrender Blue to her and Hopes Haven Rescue has agreed to work with him if  he gets a reprieve.

Brooks learned of Blue’s plight when attorney Paul Meadowbrook, who represented the dog and its owners, contacted her.

Blue is at the Linn County pound, where Brooks examined the 3½-year-old neutered male on Dec. 9. She found the dog “alert, active, inquisitive and friendly.”

In letters to the council and Mayor Sharon Konopa, Brooks said the dog’s owners played a big part in contributing to Blue’s aggressiveness. She said  reports to police about Blue’s issues could have been exaggerated because “it’s like World War III” when the neighbors interact with each other.

Blue, whose owners live on S.E. Mountain View Drive, came to police attention in July 2009, when neighbors reported that the dog was encouraged to go after another neighbor, biting him, said Lt. Casey Dorland. Blue’s owners contend that the neighbor provoked the dog and that Blue was protecting his family.

In August 2009, a neighbor told police Blue came on his property and bit his pants, just missing his leg. Then in September 2010, the dog bit the owners’ grandson on the face, requiring stitches. Blue was eating in his kennel when the child crawled into the dog’s food bowl, police said.

At that point, and because neighbors contended the dog was allowed to run loose and menace people in their yards, an officer went to talk with Blue’s owners, Dorland said.

“When the officer arrived, the dog confronted the officer to the point the officer ordered the owner to put the dog away,” he said.

Officer Jim Dohr removed Blue from the home on Sept. 12, 2010. At a hearing on Dec. 10, the judge ordered that the dog be euthanized on Jan. 13.

City Attorney Jim Delapoer said the euthanization has been postponed until Brooks has a chance to address the city council. Whether the council has the power to free the dog is unclear.

This is ridiculous and definitely a case of just another ignorant backwoods Blue Lacy owner~! You can vote to save Blue here:

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