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Vitamin C to Prevent Hip And Elbow Displaysia ~ Discussion

Response 2: There is controversy of if Vit C really does help in the joints. But whatever you are supplementing with make sure it is water soluble so the body can flush out whatever it does not need.

Response 3: I recommend ester C as it has a neutral pH, like water. reg vit c is ascorbic acid and can cause digestive upsets.

Response 4: All vit C is water soluble so the body will just take what it needs and excrete the rest in urine. there are alot of studies showing vit c does help w/ any joint thing as it is needed for the repair of connective tissue. I read one study where they gave very large doses of c….which is why ester c is better, large doses of ascorbic acid will upset tummy…..anyway, severely displastic hunting dogs that could barely walk, after a couple months on large doses of c, they were running and hunting again.¬† It does NOT change the dysplastic nature of the hips but the dysplasia causes the bones to rub, destroying the connective tissue which acts as shock aborbers.¬† I also read where large doses of vit c were given to a dysplastic¬† bitch before being bred and during preg and had normal hip pups. not sure about the validity of that but do know it can help w/ symptoms. I convinced my mom to try it for bad knees and she has seen a major improvement in symptoms.

*Blue Lacys aren’t known to have this problem, but it’s still good information to know. Since it’s very difficult to find a good vet and it’s almost impossible to find one that stays up to date on veterinary medicine it’s up to us as dog owners.

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