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Waiting to spay/neuter allows the growth plates to close

A long-time breeder of Goldens (now switched to Chin) told me this afternoon that whenever she sold a Golden puppy, she told the buyers NOT to spay or neuter the puppy until 2 years old or the health guarantee was VOID. They need the hormones to keep the hips together while growing. She says there have been articles written about this need for young large breed dogs.
In Europe it is common practice to spay after the first season, and they also neuter much later than we do. And it is for that exact reason!
Ester C should be given along with glucosamine/ chondroitin since Ester C
helps the absorption of the gluc/chon. I give 1000/mg per day of Ester C to
my newfs. Waiting to spay/neuter allows the growth plates to close.

I read 2 articles online. One said that a breeder suggested Vit. C for their pups and some pups still had displaysia. They concluded that the pills aren’t absorbed as real food and suggested using vegetables to get the vit. C. The other article was by a vet who had seen several dogs with displaysia who had taken Ester C which is supposed to be easier to be absorbed. They said that some dogs that were completely or practically lame could walk again and that their hip x-rays had actually improved after only a couple weeks on the maximum dose of Ester C. Anyway, that article sold me on the Ester C. It’s more expensive, but if it get’s better results, it’s worth the extra cost.

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