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“Water Does Not Mean “Water”

This whole topic about fluoride in drinking water is an issue that lies close to my heart. With a scientific degree in analytical chemistry, I can hardly ignore it…

People, unfortunately, learn so little chemistry in the public school system nowadays that they would be better off with nothing, because the little they get is nothing but a foundation for scaremonger or manipulation – whatever fits into the plans of the authorities.

Water interacts with just about everything it touches, and even though the resulting concentrations in the water-mix might be “small”, they might still have serious biological effects, particularly when the exposure is repeated day in and day out.

“A few parts per million do no harm” is a blatant lie. There are many poisons that are very harmful, even in concentrations that are in the range of parts per billion or lower! And measuring that, is quite an expensive challenge for an analytical chemist, so this is never done on a routine basis.

But man is so smart. We know “everything”. Science is almighty. God is redundant. We can do much better than nature, because we know soooo much! (Forgive my sarcasm.) So, because we discovered that exposure of small concentrations of the poison fluoride to teeth would make the surface of those teeth harder and more resistant to bacteria that destroy many human teeth when the human is fed sugar and sweet foods, then we should jump right from there and into the unknown gambling hole of adding fluoride to our drinking water?

Folks, this is nothing less than either a intolerable combination of ignorance and madness or a very, very dangerous conspiracy that has other (hidden) purposes, possibly and very likely including what was found by Hitler’s famous “research doctor” Dr. Mendele, who discovered that small amounts of fluoride made people apathetic and more willing to accept atrocities, because they stopped being critical of the information they would be fed!

And, for dogs, fluoride has a very undesirable effect, coming from the fact that it makes the surface of teeth hard: as long as you only chew bread and cookies, it might be an advantage with that hard surface. But when you crush bones with those brittle teeth, that’s a completely different story! There are numerous reported examples of dogs, who have been given drinking water with fluoride in it – and broke their teeth, not just by a tip breaking off, but by the entire tooth cracking in two halves, all the way down into the root! The only repair for such a tooth is to remove it.

And that was just the top of the fluoride issue…

If you want to know more about water, particularly drinking water for yourself and for your dog, then you might want to check my cheap little e-book on that: “Is Your Dog’s Drinking Water Safe?”. It could be quite useful also for yourself and the rest of your family, as it also explains some simple methods to deal with many kinds of cleaning alternatives for contaminated water – and some of them are so simple that any non-chemist amateur chef can do it!* Mogens Eliasen

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