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Where is the Puppy Mill Capitol of the U.S.?

What is clear is that legislators in these states are not aware that they are being deceived by animal rights groups. In press releases by legislators authoring the various puppy mill bills, many express shock at discovering that their state is the puppy mill capitol of the U.S.

HSUS claimed Pennsylvania was the capitol. Now it seems that it is Ohio is the puppy mill capitol. Or is it Arizona?…or Colorado?…or Wisconsin?…or Illinois? As a result of this claim, legislators are clamoring to erase the stigma of being labeled the puppy mill capitol from their state’s good name. But they cannot all be the capitol can they?

The key to resolving this, like so many issues, is education. Legislators want to do the right thing. They rely on constituents to tell them what problems are occurring in their districts. In the absence of good information, a slick propaganda campaign like the HSUS puppy mill effort can really take hold.

The only cure is a large dose of the truth. We must ask our representatives and senators to verify the claims of kennel abuses before believing that their state is a haven for abusive kennels. Sportsmen must ask their legislators to make sure that these bills do not impact kennels that may sell a few dogs, but primarily exist for hunting, field trials, etc. Elected officials must be told that we’re not the source of pet store dogs. Treating private kennels the same as commercial entities will result in the elimination of sporting dog kennels.

When told this information, most legislators want to make sure they are not over-reaching. Many have been open to changes protecting sporting dog kennels. The burden is on us to make sure they know the truth. *Rob Sexton

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