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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

It is also a sign that chlorophyll is needed in your dog’s system. Chlorophyll is also known as concentrated sun power. Chlorophyll pre-cleanses the body. It is an essential part of any blood purification therapy. Chlorophyll not only cleanses the blood of impurities, but also builds up the blood with important nutrients, promotes regular bowel movements, aids in digestion, and inhibits cellular damage from radiation. This makes it helpful for many dog illnesses and dog diseases.

As long as the grass isn’t treated with toxic chemicals meaning with insecticides, herbicides or pesticides, and your dog isn’t eating excessively, grass-eating isn’t a bad thing.

Some dogs just like a salad.

Being a dietary deficiency, which is probably is due to our 4 D’s commercial pet food; it is time start giving your dog green foods that are filled with live enzymes, trace minerals, amino acids to restore nutritional balance.

Read my earlier newsletter about the 4 D’s which stands for dead, diseased, disabled or dying. And also newsletter on what is really in your dog food.

Commercial dog food has a lack of nutrients that has been lost in processing and a lack of roughage. That is why it is vital to cook for your dog.

Most dogs will eat raw vegetables once they get used to them. Try broccoli or green beans chopped.

Wise to use Missing Link, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes or Green Food which has chlorophyll in it and you will see your dog grazing a lot less and having more energy.

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