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Why Dogs Have A Hard Time Digesting Grains~

Grain free dog foods have become a favorite for those wishing to more closely mimic a dog’s natural ancestral diet… and to lessen the risk of food allergies.

Grains for Dog FoodAnd it’s easy to see why…

Compared to the typical kibble or canned food, the best grain free recipes contain more meat based protein as well as easy-to-digest animal fats.

And usually fewer carbohydrates, too.

Not only are grains like corn and wheat a frequent cause of canine allergies1 they can also be more difficult for a dog to digest.

That’s because many plant-eating animals (known as herbivores) possess one powerful weapon many carnivores (like dogs) usually lack…

Salivary amylase.

Amylase is a special enzyme most herbivores and omnivores (like us humans) produce in their saliva. It’s needed to begin the break down of starchy carbohydrates into simple sugars…

Before they enter the stomach.

Now, dogs also produce amylase. But the enzyme is added further down the digestive tract… in the small intestine.

Because a carnivore’s saliva is mostly amylase-free, carbohydrates can be more difficult for a dog to digest.

What actually does make corn and other grains more digestible for a dog is the cooking process itself.

Why Kibbles Can Be Grain Free
But Never Carbohydrate Free

Compared to canned dog foods, kibbles cannot be made with just meat. That’s because the process used for making kibble requires a notable amount of carbohydrates to create a dough-like binder to hold everything together.

Since there can be no corn, wheat, barley, rice (or any other cereal grains, for that matter), novel carbohydrates must be used in their place to make grain-free kibbles possible.

And vegetables (like potatoes) appear to be the most common source of carbohydrates found in non-grain recipes.

The Bottom Line

Supporters of grain-free dog foods claim these products provide at least two important benefits

So, how can you find a quality grain-free dog food?

I love the site A great site to find a good dogfood or see how yours measures up.

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