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Xylitol ~ Sugarless Gum= Death to Canines

In the past few years, as part of an effort to add some differentiating value to gum and other breath freshening products, that industry has introduced and ingredient known as “Xylitol” to many forms of sugar free gum. Xylitol, while posing no threat, and little benefit to humans, is extremely toxic and lethal to canines. As little as two sticks of gum can cause liver necrosis in a dog up to 15 pounds. Many dog owners are completely unaware of this risk and often don’t even realize until it is too late and they have lost a member of their family. Unlike other items that are harmful to dogs, such as chocolate, the quantity of xylitol that can kill a dog is so small that any exposure can be lethal. Furthermore, there is no antidote, only supportive care.
Since 2002, the number of reported cases of xylitol poisoning in dogs has risen from 2 to approximately 4000.

Please join us in demanding that this product be either removed from products or that those products that contain Xylitol bear an appropriate warning to protect our canine friends.


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